Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 4: Thanks Blogger Community

I am going to be honest, and say I have done a good deal of stealing... OF LESSONS! Don't worry; I am strictly in the line of lesson thieving and nothing else. I do give due credit as well. My blogging experience has developed quite a bit over this last summer.  Before, I always searched blogs just on a prowl to find the perfect math lessons. Then I started to see the bouncing of ideas and sharing of experience. I always saw the real benefit of taking, but I learned the true benefit of reading, relating, learning, and also giving back hopefully as much as others have given me. 

Things have been busy for these first weeks of school, but one of week 4's blogger initiation prompts led me to taking the time to read and enjoy some blog posts. One of the many I came across was mathemagicalmolly's blog about "forgetting how to teach" at http://bit.ly/TQjEv9. Mathemagical is now a part of my vocabulary.

She brought up sleep. Oh, how sleep changes during the school year. I really do not find myself doing a whole lot of dreaming while in school. I think at night my brain has to all out die in order to recoup for the next day. I have found throughout many stages in my life, my work life takes over my dreams. When I worked at Target in high school, I woke up to trying to pull my cat across as "scanner" because in my dream I was trying to ring up a costumer at check out. When I waitressed, I always dreamt these dreams where the restaurant was really busy and I just could not keep anything straight. Now, I have dreams about what I need to do for the classroom.

The purpose of this weeks blog. Nothing really. Just a simple thanks to the blogger initiation, and all the committee has done. And thanks to all those strangers I am reading, learning from, and just enjoying relating to. 


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  2. I like the phrase "lesson theiving." Lol! Coin it! Make millions! :)