Lessons on the Loose!

I still have a lot more to add. Some of them I created this summer, some I found, and some I did/taught in years past. As the school year progresses I will add as I teach these lessons, and I will be blogging about some.


  • Percent applications where student learn to use statistics in a debate about the "American Jobs Act." Alterations will be needed since it is out of date. You could change it to a debate about health care.       Outlines:   http://scr.bi/NZ1r9U  and http://scr.bi/SUJigV      Rubric: http://scr.bi/NVzvXh                                                                      

Linear Equation Solution Applications

Scatter Plot and Best Fit Line

  •  "Trend Analysis Paper Project" using best fit line application:                 http://scr.bi/NJyyzY
  •  Rubric for "Trend Analysis Paper Project":                                           http://scr.bi/NThol1


Percents and Applications

  • Percent equation presentation in how you interpret "of":                        http://scr.bi/PIeno1
  • Percent application presentation:                                                         http://scr.bi/NTkzsI
  • Infographic Argument Paper- students had to make an argument using the statistics from an infographic:                                                                                       http://scr.bi/OmEPk8
  • Infographic Argument Paper Example- I did one                                   http://scr.bi/M8vksN



  • Inverse Functions                                                                            http://bit.ly/UU4kBd
  • Presentation over applications of logarithms:                                      http://scr.bi/NUmmhh
  • Logarithm applications for solving depreciation problems WS:             http://scr.bi/OnaAd8

Graphing System of Inequalities- Optimization Problems

  • Linear programming presentation (Annotations don't upload @Scribd)    http://scr.bi/LNpOKJ
  • Linear programming activity WS using EXCEL:                                   http://scr.bi/PlmOou


  • Understanding Riemann Sums and integration WS:                              http://scr.bi/MXzBtW
Trapezoidal Rule: (Not mine: http://samjshah.com/about/ who altered it from http://bit.ly/OaKbSY)
  • Applying the trapezoidal rule to Gini Index in Economics:                     http://scr.bi/LOt20D
  • Algebra Boot Camp 2 for Calculus:                                                     http://scr.bi/PlHpHk 
  • Algebra Book Camp 1 for Calculus:                                                    http://scr.bi/NqR9ob 

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